JIT, Kanban together with Vendor Managed Inventory

At Chamberlain, we are always looking for ways to better support our customers. In today’s fast-paced world, most customers do not want to stock large inventories of components. That’s why at Chamberlain, we support Just in Time (JIT) delivery. Combined with our Kanban approach, we utilize such tools for both our internal and external customer operations to be sure both Chamberlain and our end customers have what they need when they need it. With our delivery fleet and our ERP system we can greatly minimize storage and waste.

We also combine this approach with Vendor-Managed inventory eliminating a step in the supply chain to further reduce cost.

Just another reason to choose Chamberlain, we’re always working to give customers the best possible value along with the highest quality parts. Please let us know how we can help simplify your production needs!