About Us

From our new 50,000+ sq. ft. environmentally controlled facility in southern New Hampshire we manufacture, assemble and test products for the fluid power, pump, heavy equipment, and industrial equipment industries to name a few. We continually invest in the latest equipment and with over 50 employees and 70 years in business, we have the skills and desire to be the best in the industry.

Our precision and quality is second to none while remaining competitive in the Global market. We accomplish this by being experts at what we do. Through careful DFM and planning, we often win work back from China while providing a higher quality product with faster turnaround times.

We pride ourselves with having highly skilled employees and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Our focus is on building partnerships with KEY customers to support their competitiveness and long-term success.

We passionately believe in:

  • Treating people with respect
  • The power of innovation; we push technology every day
  • Growing as individuals and as a company while helping our customers succeed
  • Exceeding customer expectations for both cost and quality
  • Continuous improvement; it’s simply a way of life at Chamberlain
  • No hazardous waste generated at our facility
  • Green Energy on site with our Solar arrays
  • Reduced waste footprint

We appreciate your business and welcome the opportunity to work together as a team!